MI & Associates' (MI) expertise lies in the provision of concise and highly effective strategic business advisory services to clients, especially those that are focused on Emerging and Frontier Market geographic locations.

The services that MI offers include:

Overall professional skill sets

Service offering to clients

For clients focused on transacting business in Emerging and Frontier Markets, services we provide include the following:

Finance and Investment

MI works closely with a variety of leading Investment Banks, Hedge Funds and Private Equity companies and can assist clients with accessing finance, be it equity or debt financing.

MI is not registered under the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK ( FCA ), the body that regulates the provision of financial services and financial advisory services within the UK. MI is permitted to make introductions to sources of finance but cannot advise clients on any financial matters. Where a client seeks financial advisory services and fund raising services within the UK, such client must secure such advice from an FCA registered company or person.

MI can only make introductions to such qualified and registered financial advisers. The client should then make their own independent decision whether to work with and use the services of such qualified and registered financial adviser.