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Mrs Grace Igwe B.Ed, FRSA, F.Coll

Mrs Igwe is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufacturers and a Fellow of the College of Preceptors. As a former Head Teacher Mrs Igwe is a highly acclaimed authority on education and educational matters. Mrs Igwe has sat on various international institutions, including UNESCO and various other educational panels, whose remit was the enhancement and development of education, especially in Africa. Mrs Igwe has travelled extensively across Africa instituting grass roots educational measures and has secured the support of the various African governments in the countries that she has travelled to.

Mrs Igwe founded a company in London which dealt in high quality ceramics for both discerning private buyers and upscale retailers. As a renowned public speaker Mrs Igwe provides inspirational and motivational thinking to Board directors, international organisations and Churches. As well as being a highly effective and very skilled thought transformation expert, Mrs Igwe brings exceptional energy and dynamism to the process of assisting corporate and non corporate decision makers to think and act with clarity and consistency, thereby enhancing brand effectiveness.